Artist Information, BBH

Unique BOUFFANTS & BROKEN HEARTS, greatly influenced by fashion, food, and lipstick

BBH (BOUFFANTS & BROKEN HEARTS, Buffon & Broken Heart) is an illustration brand of Kendra Dandy (Kendra Dandy), an illustrator and designer from Philadelphia.
Her unique design, which has been greatly influenced by fashion, food and lipstick in the 50s and 60s, has been known for her successful collaboration with many famous brands. Especially, her unique colors and patterns stand out in collaboration with fashion and cosmetic brands.

Artist Information, Nathalie Lété

Relates to the beatiful world in her unique perspective, Nathalie Lété

Born to a Chinese father and a German mother in1964, Nathalie Lété majored in fashion design and engraving in Du Pere School of Applied Arts and Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Paris, respectively. Currently, she is vigorously engaged in a various fields of activities, such as drawing, painting, pottery, knit, stuffed dolls, book design etc. She sublimates Asian and East European traditions inherited from the parents to her unique charm. The writer uses toys, birds, flowers, flies, hearts, folk tales etc repeatedly in her works. She also uses a variety of media ranging from the products, such as painting, engraving, pottery, textiles etc, to indoor and outdoor space or environmental factors in her work activities. She has worked in a variety of collaborations with various brands such as Mono free, Issey, Miyake, Bourgeois, Anthropology etc and publishes picture books for children. Her art works are created and supplied at Astier de Villatte (pottery), VILAC (Toy), (Tai-Ping, Australian carpet) etc. She has developed her own exclusive brand, ‘Nathalie Lété ’, by applying her own name  and sold the works at the stores across the world, thus getting world-renowned reputation as an art works writer.

Artist Information, Anna Gili

An Italian female designer who has interest and love in nature embodies in the works, Anna Gili

Born in Umbria, Italy, Anna Gili has created creative works of her own in an academic and artistic approach based on Renaissance tradition. Her works are combination of interest in animals and artistic objects. In particular, she who has love for animals establishes symbolic systems which stylize animals through a creative interpretation Anna Gili ‘s design is not intended to show off a contemporary style. Rather, far from it, her pure philosophy toward animals and objects are visualized through design, thus creating a public consensus encompassing the time and place. Since 1983, she has been engaged in creative activities which encompass a variety of fields such as art, fashion, graphic, interior design, architect etc., in Milano, Italy which is a center of design. Based on excellent sense of color and technique, Anna Gili, along with Mendini, Santa Chiara, Giovannoni, has been recognized as a designer representing .

Artist Information, Alessandro Mendini

A world famous designer who awakens innocence of childhood by bringing pleasure in everyday life, Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini, called as a world’s top designer who survives, was born in Milano, Italy in 1931. He graduated from Architecture Department in Milano Politechnico in 1959. Though specialized in architecture, Mendini has been engaged in a variety of areas of the design field without boundaries. His works, which are imbued with the innocence unique to him, awaken innocence of childhood one might have experienced once in his childhood, thus conveying to people of all ages pleasure they relate to. From 1970 to 1985, he served as an editor-in-chief of architecture magazines, <Casa Bella> and <Domus>. Since then, he as a designer has done design works with the world famous enterprises - Cartier, Hermes, Swarovski, Alessi, Bizaza, Margis, Swatch, Riva 1920, Benigni, Ramun, Safilo, Zanotta, Artemide, Kartell, Driade, Valcucine, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, LG Houses , Hanssem, Lotte Card , Hankook Ceramics , SPC, Cha Hospital Group, POSCO Construction, Iloom etc. – and currently, he is vigorously engaged in design activities. In 1979, 1981 and 2014, he won the Golden Compass Award and the architect EUROPEAN in italy and a title of knighthood for Cultural and artistic merit in France.

Artist Information, Kang Byung-in

A Korean representative calligraphy artist who embodies meaning in emotional plastics, Kang Byung-in

Kang Byung-in, a calligraphy artist representing Korea, has been propagating beauty of Hangul (Korean alphabet)worldwide by virtue of calligraphy which combines handwriting and design. By adopting the principle of invention of Hangul as work philosophy, he introduces works in which our lives and sound are fully embodied as we live in the midst of nature. By communicating intuitionally (instinctively) meaning and emotion the words has with figurative elements of Hangul consonants and vowels, he has beauty of Hangul embodied in the works which communicate with the public. Through a variety of works, he has taken the initiative in expanding value of Hangul by propagating the fact to the public that Hangul has not only properties as Phonogram but also contains meaning and thus, has very creative, scientific and artistic properties.   The writer, Kang Byung-in, was awarded the Silver Tower Industrial Medal., Republic of Korea Design Award 2012, for his efforts to have expanded design and artistic value of Hangul. Currently, he is engaged himself in educating younger students and developing Hangeul design, while running Kang Byung-in calligraphy research center ‘Sooltong (Liquor Barrel)’.

Artist Information, Park Kum-jun

A graphic artist who challenges something new in an unconventional spirit , Park Kum-jun

Park Kum-jun majored in visual design at Hongik University and graduated from Advertising and Public Relations Graduate School. He has pursued creative implementation of something which is not stylized and cannot be defined. He served as a designer at Ssangyong Group PR Department and an art director at Cheil Planning. He lectured at Kyewon University of Art and Design and Sangmyung University and served as an adjunct professor at Nam Seoul University. Currently, he is a creative director of 601VISANG , and he lectures in visual design at Hongik University. . His works have been carried on Greepeace Poster Annual, the best graphics magazine in Europe, for three years in a row . He was invited to join various international  Biennaleand the World Poster Exhibition. Also in  2012, he won "This Year's Agency award "at German RED DOT Awards, one of three world-famous design awards.His works are permanently collected at Playa scat Museum in Gdansk, Denmark. He has been recognized internationally as being creative. Park Kum-jun, who considers unique individuality of each designer as an important asset, is constatnly challenging to spread values through a new perspective in an unconventional spirit.