Artist Information, Nathalie Lété

Relates to the beatiful world in her unique perspective, Nathalie Lété

Born to a Chinese father and a German mother in1964, Nathalie Lété majored in fashion design and engraving in Du Pere School of Applied Arts and Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Paris, respectively. Currently, she is vigorously engaged in a various fields of activities, such as drawing, painting, pottery, knit, stuffed dolls, book design etc. She sublimates Asian and East European traditions inherited from the parents to her unique charm. The writer uses toys, birds, flowers, flies, hearts, folk tales etc repeatedly in her works. She also uses a variety of media ranging from the products, such as painting, engraving, pottery, textiles etc, to indoor and outdoor space or environmental factors in her work activities. She has worked in a variety of collaborations with various brands such as Mono free, Issey, Miyake, Bourgeois, Anthropology etc and publishes picture books for children. Her art works are created and supplied at Astier de Villatte (pottery), VILAC (Toy), (Tai-Ping, Australian carpet) etc. She has developed her own exclusive brand, ‘Nathalie Lété ’, by applying her own name  and sold the works at the stores across the world, thus getting world-renowned reputation as an art works writer.