Artist Information, Kang Byung-in

A Korean representative calligraphy artist who embodies meaning in emotional plastics, Kang Byung-in

Kang Byung-in, a calligraphy artist representing Korea, has been propagating beauty of Hangul (Korean alphabet)worldwide by virtue of calligraphy which combines handwriting and design. By adopting the principle of invention of Hangul as work philosophy, he introduces works in which our lives and sound are fully embodied as we live in the midst of nature. By communicating intuitionally (instinctively) meaning and emotion the words has with figurative elements of Hangul consonants and vowels, he has beauty of Hangul embodied in the works which communicate with the public. Through a variety of works, he has taken the initiative in expanding value of Hangul by propagating the fact to the public that Hangul has not only properties as Phonogram but also contains meaning and thus, has very creative, scientific and artistic properties.   The writer, Kang Byung-in, was awarded the Silver Tower Industrial Medal., Republic of Korea Design Award 2012, for his efforts to have expanded design and artistic value of Hangul. Currently, he is engaged himself in educating younger students and developing Hangeul design, while running Kang Byung-in calligraphy research center ‘Sooltong (Liquor Barrel)’.