Artist Information, Anna Gili

An Italian female designer who has interest and love in nature embodies in the works, Anna Gili

Born in Umbria, Italy, Anna Gili has created creative works of her own in an academic and artistic approach based on Renaissance tradition. Her works are combination of interest in animals and artistic objects. In particular, she who has love for animals establishes symbolic systems which stylize animals through a creative interpretation Anna Gili ‘s design is not intended to show off a contemporary style. Rather, far from it, her pure philosophy toward animals and objects are visualized through design, thus creating a public consensus encompassing the time and place. Since 1983, she has been engaged in creative activities which encompass a variety of fields such as art, fashion, graphic, interior design, architect etc., in Milano, Italy which is a center of design. Based on excellent sense of color and technique, Anna Gili, along with Mendini, Santa Chiara, Giovannoni, has been recognized as a designer representing .